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Before we start talking about what types and styles of shooting exist, how they differ from each other and what pros and cons they have, I would like to point out the following well-known, indisputable fact that does not require any proof. Shooting (video or cinematographic) is the first, and therefore the most important and most important stage in the production of any audiovisual product, be it a feature film, TV report, video for an information website, a commercial or a chronicle of a corporate event. And, of course, the fact is indisputable that the final result of the video, its level, quality and, in general, its entire fate, depends on how the operator works at the moment of recording the event. It should be understood that no matter how expensive and high-class camera the shooting is carried out, the resulting video will not cost anything if the operator does not know how to correctly and accurately choose one or another type and style of shooting in a particular situation, does not know how to "frame", clearly navigate in surrounding events and direct the camera lens exactly where you want it.
The main reason for the creation of this series of articles was the obvious shortage (otherwise it cannot be called) of highly professional videographers in the land of Tyumen. The proof of this is the level of the overwhelming majority of video clips found on our Internet resources, which often leaves much to be desired. Of course, on the main audiovisual media - television - the situation is better, because they still try to monitor the quality of their products and try to prevent enthusiasts from working with cameras and editing, eager to shoot and edit, but do not really know what, why and why. However, sometimes not everything goes smoothly even there! But this is a slightly different topic.